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Matrix L33

Take yourself to a previously unimaginable level of tanning. With the Matrix L33, enhanced function and style are taken to a higher level of enjoyment. Immersed in light, seemingly suspended in air, the tanning experience is both luxurious and satisfying. The rolling movements of the top and bottom center lamp banks provide a complete and even tan. In 12 minutes or less, you will achieve a deep, dark, golden rich tan.

SunUp II

The SunUp II gives tanning performance with a new angle on facials. The SunUp II comes with (2) 500-watt facial lamps and  (48) alternating high and low UVB 160-watt reflector lamps to give this stand-up booth an extra punch for more immediate color while still browning and bronzing.


Del Rey

This luxurious, high-powered VHOR tanning bed has (3) 400-watt facial lamps and (42) 160-watt low UVB reflector lamps to produce gentler, deeper, darker tanning results. The Del Rey's extra wide tanning surface allows you to indulge in a more comfortable, cooler, music rich environment that will keep you coming back again and again.

Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara was designed to give an outstanding luxury tanning experience. It has (32) 100-watt lamps and with a maximum exposure time of 20 minutes. The AM/FM/CD stereo allows you to easily enjoy your favorite music while the built in fans keep you comfortable and relaxed.


Legacy Leg Tanner

Are your legs difficult to tan? Not to worry, the Legacy Leg Tanner has got you covered in just the right places. With (36) 80-watt lamps and a maximum exposure time of just 10 minutes getting your legs tanned has never been so easy.