Well cared for skin tans quicker, darker and stays tanned longer than neglected skin.  A lotion will help enhance and maintain your tan longer.  Here are 3 ways it helps:


It is necessary that skin be hydrated sufficiently to reach and maintain the desired tan.  Dry neglected skin will actually reflect UV light, not allowing it to tan underneath.  In addition, neglected skin exfoliates faster, causing your tan to fade much quicker. Tanning Lotions use blends of botanical oils and extracts that moisturize deep into the skin.  These replenishing oils keep skin soft and supple, which will keep your skin looking young and vibrant.


The natural vitamins in tanning lotions are fundamental to the skin’s appearance and its ability to tan.  Along with their hydrating properties, these vitamins replenish the necessary skin cells, promoting cell regeneration.  They are also the catalysts which allow oxygenation to occur below the skin’s surface.


The benefits of oxygen are enormous: it fuels all skin cell functions; more specifically, it accelerates the tanning process.


Tan Lines tanning salon offers the best indoor tanning lotions from the top lotion brands in the industry.  These lotions are specially made for your skin type or to help you break through a tanning plateau.  Speak with a Tan Lines associate to recommend the best tanning lotion and skin care product for you.

Australian Gold logo

Australian Gold is a leading manufacturer of Indoor Tanning Lotions for 20 years with a reputation for superior bronzing power. With formulations to provide deep dark color, that mositurize and condition the skin for a long lasting golden tan.

Australian Gold Tanning Lotions
California Tan logo

A leading manufacturer in the indoor tanning industry for the past 20 years. A top producer of cutting edge, innovative tanning products for all levels of tanners. You will find the perfect lotion for a golden glow and natural looking California Tan.

California Tan tanning lotions
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When searching for one of the top names for indoor tanning lotion, Designer Skin always comes to the top.  With a large variety of Indoor Tanning Lotions to suit the needs of every tanner from the novice to the most experienced, Designer Skin has a lotion available. These lotions are extremely popular with top fragrances and ingredients to make your results envied by all and provide you the healthiest tan possible.

Designer Skin Tanning Lotions
JWOWW Tanning Logo

In 2010, reality star Jenni JWOWW Farley launched her first indoor tanning lotion. Since then she has developed an entire line of tanning products that have taken the world by storm. Her lotions focus on enhancing the skin’s ability to bronze, and protecting tattoos, making these lotions ideal for tattooed tanners. Check out her Signature Ink-Drink Complex provided in many of her lotions!

JWOWW tanning lotions California
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When looking for beautiful skin Swedish Beauty has all your Indoor tanning lotion products to cover you. The best Bronzers, Intensifers, and Moisturizer lotions to keep your Sunless golden glow an envy to all others. The Brand that started the Indoor Tanning Lotion Revolution.

Swedish Beauty tanning lotions